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A family in Holland are Honda minded because......
The reason to buy Honda products...
In the seventies I was growing to Honda cars and later motocycles too because my father has 2 Honda Civic's first models and later a second model, then I bought in 1983 a MT50 and my father a PX50 then he bought a VF400F and I a C71 oldtimer bike, then there came a CBX750F,and then a Pan European and I bought a Pacific Coast. Then I bought a Yamaha Xjs900S diversion a great bike too and I sell the bike to bought a Honda Civic DXI from 1995 in 1999 my father who has not drive a Honda Car since the last Civic second model, drove Nissan and Renault Megane Coupe bought a Accord vtec and I bought in 2001 a newer model Civic jewel and last year my dad bought a HRV.
And also we have a lawn mower and garden tractor from Honda also I have bought in 2005 a Multi Purpose Machine called the G20.

And the reason is that the a Honda products sounds very good and special also Honda is original and value for money

Proud owner!!

Since june 2002 I am the proud owner of the Cbx400F2.
I have replaced new tyres Bridgestone BT45 Battlax very good ones, also I replaced chainsset, clutch and I placed a stabilizer between the forks. Also the Alu parts are polished and I placed more new things. Brakes and brakepumps are new! Last august there were a Dynojet test of my Cbx and the technical part is as new!! Now almost 47.000km in showroom condition for an 22 year old bike!

The Cbx400F2 is an collector item and now very popular in Italy and Japan.

CBX is a fast bike 160km/u and 48 horsepower!! It is driving very good and economic drive 22 km on a 1 litre fuel fast driving and almost 25km by normal rides.



Peter Huiskes